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Agrifert Consulting Services

Agrifert Consulting Services

Agrifert Consulting Services

Offering advice from soils and plants through to general business decision making and environmental issues.


What Agrifert offers:

  • Key Alliances with Independent resources e.g. Soil testing – Eurofins NZ, Soil Biology testing – Soil Foodweb NZ.
  • Specialised programmes for farms from conventional through to organic specialising in biological.
  • Accurate and comprehensive information gathering and reporting
  • Identify business opportunities for diversification of income streams to reduce economic risk i.e. “Two Tier farming” Dairy and free range egg production and multiple complementary operations such as dairy and beef.
  • Best practice approach to the environment and compliance requirements through products and recommendations. Addressing the “Clean water accord” by testing waterways as water enters the farm and retesting as it leaves.
  • Nutrient management plan using OverseerTM  Software Package.
  • Long term vision for our clients’ business plan
  • “Proactive not Reactive” approach to our clients’ business – we don’t like being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.


Agrifert approach:

  • Using a “Paradigm shift” for our clients by looking at the 16 key nutrients and not just the 3 macro nutrients (N.P.K).
  • Full “biological” system using biology and nutrients from the soil for pasture and crop production rather than the “Hydroponic” approach so often used in modern agriculture today.
  • Agrifert carry out an accurate and comprehensive soil and plant testing regime.   There is a huge difference between a “free” soil test which does not provide enough data to direct a multimillion dollar business cost effectively, verses a “comprehensive” soil test which will help trouble shoot and direct the dollars spent to where they are most effective. “Spend dollars to make dollars”.  “If you don’t test, you can’t manage” – Budget for information gathering.  
  • Consideration of clients’ assets – soil, plants, animals, environment and bank account.
  • “Healthy soils”  >  “Healthy Plants”   >  Healthy Animals”   >  “ Healthy Bank Account”
  • Consideration of clients’ goals and aspirations


Agrifert testing and information gathering:

In order to set production targets there needs to be a measured starting point. Even with the amount of variables that are involved in farming i.e. weather, feed quality, animal health issues etc. the first place to start is a total picture of where we are now.  Agrifert has formed some key alliances with independent suppliers in order to attain the most accurate information for the client and their farm. 



  • Client Assessment programme – gathering information relating to the clients business – past, present and future. Includes fertilizer history through to Future aspirations for the business.
  • Visual soil assessment
  • Measuring pasture production - using the most accurate technique available and that is by cutting cages and measuring the pasture collected then drying that pasture to establish the Dry Matter present and not just using a measuring device and a computer programme.


Eurofins Scientific:

  • Soil tests –comprehensive and accurate test using methodologies developed and tested by AgResearch over many years.
  • Herbage testing – An aid in addressing deficiencies in crops and pasture. Gives a snapshot of what animals are consuming at important times of the year.
  • Effluent testing – Provides important information to assist management decisions and enables accurate inputs into “Overseer” budgeting.
  • Water Testing – Checking the quality of the stock drinking water is adequate and there are no major contaminants present in the water.
  • Environmental – Testing water entering the property at streams and rivers and again as it leaves the property. Eurofins NZ is presently exploring opportunities to improve the accuracy of testing in New Zealand by using equipment and tests presently used by their European counterparts.
  • Feed quality testing – Knowledge of what you are producing and receiving when purchasing supplement feeds.
  • Technical advice – Reputable NZ Scientist with 22 years of experience with AgResearch.


Soil Food Web:

  • Soil biology test – Provides a picture of the health of the soil life and the ratios of Fungi and Bacteria present. Ratios will vary from crop to crop. For example a brassica crop requires Fungi to Bacteria ratio 1:75 whereas grass requires a ratio of 1:1.