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Black Gold is a kelp seaweed and molasses based nutritional supplement, enriched with a full range of minerals, trace elements and vitamins required for healthy growth and optimum production.

Black Gold is a unique formulation of essential minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins.

When is Black Gold best used?

  • Ideal in times of stress such as docking, calving and weaning when the animals demand for minerals and vitamins is high.
  • Whenever pasture or supplements provide less than a complete diet.
  • Pre-mating when higher levels of minerals such as selenium or iodine are beneficial.
  • Where soils and pastures are mineral deficient.
  • When seasonal variations in pasture quality could result in less than optimal animal performance.
  • On hay and silage crops that are often deficient of essential minerals.


How is Black Gold used?

  • Oral drench
  • Added to water troughs
  • Poured on hay or grain
  • Available in convenient 5, 20 and 200 litres


Application Rates / Recommendations

Dairy Cows: 3-4 mls daily - 10 mls per 100 kg monthly
Beef Cattle:  3-4 mls daily - 10 mls per 100 kg monthly
Calves: 2 mls daily - 10 mls monthly
Sheep: 10-15 mls - when drenching
Lambs: 3 mls at docking - or 10 mls monthly
Deer: 20 mls monthly
Fawns: 10-15 mls monthly
Horses: 20 mls monthly
Foals: 10-15 mls monthly

Slightly warm supplement fi rst for drench gun use. Can be mixed with milk, most drenches and put into water troughs, over stock feed or grain. Store away from direct sunlight.

Disclaimer: We guarantee the quality and specifi cation of Multi Minerals, however, as the administration of this product is out of our control, we can accept no further responsibility.