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Nitrogen is an essential element for plant growth and Agri-N is an advancement in Biological Nitrogen Technology, with multiple strains of biology in the product.

Contains 2 x 1010 cfu/ml


Like healthy Clover in the pasture sward, the biology in Agri-N fixes atmospheric nitrogen gas (N2) and converts this into Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4+) in the soil.  This Ammonium Nitrogen is both stable (non-leaching) and plant available in the soil.

Unlike conventional Nitrogen inputs which run out after a period of time, with the applied Nitrogen being used up or lost to the environment, Agri-N keeps on producing Nitrogen and as it is a biological product,  it fixes Nitrogen in sync with the plant’s requirements.

It is best practice to apply Agri-N to short, recently  grazed pastures or directly onto the soil. N.B. Agri-N is not a foliar product as it works in the soil not in the plants.

To maximise the activity of Agri-N, soil conditions such as pH, temperature and organic matter levels are important together with the availability of two key trace elements which include Molybdenum and Iron.  Agri-N can be applied early, however, it  is best in soils above 8˚C and will only work when soil temperature reaches an  optimal temperature for the soil biology to be at its best  (pH range of 6.0 – 6.5)  but will work in soils as low as pH 5.7

For best results apply in conjunction with NutraBoost and AgriSumo where Iron levels in the soil are low,  then apply with NutraBoost + Fe.

Agri-N is an excellent replacement for conventional Nitrogen but must not be applied with, before or directly after a product containing Nitrogen.


Benefits of Agri-N

  • Biological product – fully certified Organic with BioGro NZ
  • Replaces conventional synthetic Nitrogen with free fixed organic Nitrogen
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains 2 x 1010 cfu/ml = 20 Billion Nitrogen Fixing Biology per ml of Agri-N
  • Complements clover for fixing atmospheric Nitrogen into soil Ammonium Nitrogen
  • Easy to use through most spray equipment. Not to exceed 35psi (2.5bar) pressure
  • Nitrogen is stable in the soil and available to the plants as required
  • Not dependant on rain after application to make the Nitrogen available like synthetic Nitrogen
  • Keeps on producing Nitrogen when used with the correct soil conditions and biology feed source



Application Rates / Recommendations

Pasture / Crops:    50mls-100mls
Maize:    200mls
Trees:    200mls - 1L

Withholding period – None