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AgriSumo is a non-pathogenic saprophytes that colonize soil, water and plant surface environments.

Contains 2 x 108 cfu/ml

AgriSumo suppresses plant diseases by production of number of secondary metabolites including antibiotics, siderophores and hydrogen cyanide. This microbe has the unique ability to enter the plant vascular system, reach the various parts of the plant system and act as a systemic bio-control agent against various fungal and bacterial diseases. Competitive exclusion of pathogens as the result of rapid colonization of the rhizosphere by Agrisumo may also be an important factor in disease control.

The key biology in AgriSumo has been trialed more than any other bacterial products around the world on crops including Legumes such as Lucerne & Clover, Potatos, Carrots, Cucumbers, Eggplants, Tomatoes, Chillis, Cut flowers, Orchards, Vineyards, Ornamentals in greenhouses, lawns and nurseries, pasture, Maize and cereal crops.

Benefits of AgriSumo

  • Creates a favourable environment for the Biology in Agri-N
  • Improves Root development
  • Helps fight against some root and plant diseases
  • Fights pathogenic fungi spores in the soil
  • Encourages positive fungal colonization
  • Breaks down small trash and litter


Application Rates / Recommendations

Pasture:  500 ml to 1 litre per Hectare
As a Biological Treatment for Plant Disease’s and Root development: 1 to 2 litres per Hectare

Withholding period – None