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Agrisol Marine Range Liquid Fertiliser

Agrisol Marine Range Liquid Fertiliser

Agrisol Marine Range Liquid Fertiliser

Agrisol Marine Range


A thick rich blend of the World’s finest kelps. Multiple uses include pasture spraying, a seaweed boost addition to most of our range, or as an animal feed additive.


NPK (w/w)
( w/v)

  • Plus amino chelated trace elements

Our organic fish/kelp fertiliser with N P K and S added amino acid chelates, Fulvic acids, growth promotants and many more goodies. Thick rich and full of energy.


Registered organic. A blend of deep sea NZ fish and a variety of cold processed seaweeds. As with all our products, we strive for the highest quality.


  • Naturally occuring trace elements

Registered organic. A 50/50 blend of Golden Fossilised Coral and NZ finest King Country lime in a fine suspension for ease of handling and use.


NOTE: Custom blended trace elements are available based on soil and herbage test recommendations. Other grades may be available on request, please contact your local distributor. For Weight/volume percentages add about 20%. Agrisol is a MAF registered fertiliser. NPK’s are expressed as a percentage of weight (w/w).


Application Rates / Recommendations

Ask your agent for further application details. Beware of some of our competitors and their low recommended rates. We are a full strength liquid fertiliser, no product is more concentrated. We believe that we are well priced to enable realistic application rates. In a dairy or high production farm, we would like to see multiple dressings. Sulphur should be applied in almost all cases at 5L/Ha, in the interests of a truly balanced dressing.

Agrisol is such good quality that it can be applied by C-Dax, boom spray or rose, helicopter or fixed wing.

A dewy pasture contains up to 1,000 litres/Ha of water, and the plant is at its most receptive to foliar absorption in these conditions, therefore low or even no water dilution is needed. Agrisol contains the unique sticking agent Agrigel which remains moist, encapsulating the nutrient molecules and allowing the slow uptake of nutrients over a longer period, thus minimising the possibility of leaf-burn.