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LiquiPhos NS3

LiquiPhos NS3

LiquiPhos NS3

LiquiphosNS? is a high quality foliar fertiliser aimed at encouraging a boost of pasture growth in late Winter / early Spring when low soil temperatures are the main limiting factor for grass growth.

The N and S are expressed as a % wgt/vol because the fertiliser is applied by volume, and, as such, it is easier for the farmer to calculate the units of N and S being applied per hectare.

Why NS3?
  • In late Winter/ early Spring, pastures are deficient in Nitrogen and Sulphur, either through leaching or lack of soil biological activity caused by cold and wet soil conditions therefore it is more efficient to foliar feed these nutrients into the plant.
  • The ratio of N to S in pasture is approximately 10:1, therefore Liquiphos NS³ ( is the near perfect balanced dressing as required by the plants.
  • Liquiphos NS³ contains 3 forms of Nitrogen Urea/Carbamide, Ammonium and Nitrate for sustained N release in a rich seaweed and Fulvic Acid base.
  • 23% N - Urea, Ammonia, Nitrate. 3% S - Sulphate Sulphur. Humic/Fulvic Acid to act as a chelating agent to aid in stomatal uptake plus seaweed.
The Benefits:
  • Delivers N directly to the plant which is converted to amino acids and proteins through photosynthesis.
  • Compared to soil applied urea which has to undergo a number of biological conversions before being taken up as nitrate or locked up as ammonia in the soil (Winter periods).
  • Has very little effect on soil microbial populations.
  • Reduced N loss through leaching and volitilisation.
  • As N is supplied more efficiently and utilised more effectively by the plant, there is less excess Nitrate to process which is normally excreted by cows and then able to be leached from urine patches.
  • Water quality and nitrate leaching has and will become a major on farm issue that will drive local and central government regulatory policy around catchments and waterway over the next decade.
  • Improves clover content in pastures as NS3 does not compete with clover soil nitrification.
  • Reducing soil applied N encourages deeper rooting which minimises pulling and enhances drought tolerance.
 Healthy pastures, healthy soils and healthy animals.


Application Rates / Recommendations

Pasture Application Rates:

General application rate: 20-30 litres per hectare.


Warranty & Disclaimer:

We guarantee the specification and quality of our range of products. However, as application equipment varies, we cannot accept any responsibility for the application of our products. Agrisol is close to neutral pH, and contains an agent that generally minimises the possibility of crop damage, but Agrisol is a concentrated salts solution and may need dilution to avoid crop damage. If in doubt, always do a test plot first.