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Dairy cows do not choose to have their calves in the depths of winter. In nature they would choose the spring, when pastures are lush and full of nutrition.

In reality, cows calve in mid winter when pasture growth is slow or non-existent. Nitrogen fertiliser dressings throughout winter produce a Protein rich pasture that is low in the vital trace elements needed by a cow approaching calving and lactation.

Winter grass is also deficient in Calcium and Magnesium and this places the cow under major metabolic stress. This can culminate in a sick under-performing animal with clinical or sub-clinical metabolic problems. Then comes vet, reduced production, empty cows and subsequent culling.

There are over 4 million dairy cows in New Zealand. Farmers are reporting in excess of 5, 10 or 15% empty cow rates. The cost is huge. Farmers know that cows must mobilise Calcium from their metabolism in the few weeks before calving, which is why they deprive or “starve” their cows of Calcium in the weeks before calving. It’s a matter of being cruel to be kind.

Following this ordeal, the cows calve, and are often faced with further Calcium starvation caused by cold winter conditions, slow grass growth and the added problem of a Nitrogen boosted pasture. The energy the cow expends on digesting this protein rich N-fed pasture places the cow under yet more stress.

Agrisol PostCalve25 is a high Nitrogen high Calcium Foliar dressing that can be applied on its own or with dissolved Magnesium Sulphate. PostCalve25 balances the need for Nitrogen with Calcium and other much needed winter trace elements such as Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Selenium and Iodine. Foliar feeding places these nutrients onto every blade of grass, ensuring an even non-toxic spread of these vital winter minerals.

PostCalve25 could also be applied as part of a winter or early spring programme along with Agrisol’s unique Calcium rich coral lime suspension “GoldLime”. The Nitrogen is in 3 forms, Urea/Carbamide, Nitrate and Ammonium for sustained response.

PostCalve25 is a high quality solution that can be applied through the most sophisticated spray equipment. Application timing is important. It should be applied to an early morning or evening dewy pasture of good length approximately mid-rotation.


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