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PreCalve15 is a kelp based pasture conditioner containing Nitrogen, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Selenium and Iodine.

PreCalve15 was formulated to improve certain critical trace element levels in winter dairy pastures, particularly prior to calving and just after, as a carrier and palatability enhancer for Magnesium Sulphate.

Copper deficiency in winter pastures:

  • Rapidly growing stock are at most risk
  • Reduces conception rates
  • Affects bone growth… cows after calving are at risk. Increases incidence of Ca & Mg metabolic problems


  • Deficient cows suffer from Hypomagnesaemia and have increased risk of Staggers (Milk Fever)
  • Supplement Magnesium from about 21 days pre-calving to increase Mg levels
  • Supplement Calcium after calving, but limit Calcium intake prior to calving


Application Rates / Recommendations

Apply 10 litres per hectare PreCalve15 with additional Magnesium Sulphate.

Apply 5L (or 10L on paddocks where this is the first application this season) per hectare PreCalve15 with additional Magnesium Sulphate if required for 2-3 rotations

Deer and Cattle
Deer on rotation: 10 litres ha
Deer set stocked: 5 litres ha

Withhold stock for 2-3 days minimum after application before grazing pasture. Observe application instructions as per container label.


Further magnesium daily supplementation may be required in deficient pastures. The dairy cows metabolism needs 5g Elemental Magnesium per day and can only store 2g within its system. Consult your vet. We recommend the use of anionic Magnesium salts such as Sulphate.
Further warning: Not for use on pastures to be grazed by sheep, because of high copper levels. Withholding period for sheep and other livestock, three-four weeks minimum after continuous grazing by deer or cattle first.