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Calf Candy Crush

Calf Candy Crush

Calf Candy Crush


High quality protein calf feed meal with Molasses making it a tasty treat which is very well received by calves. It is designed to ensure increased growth rates and early weaning.


Suitable for both dairy and drystock for increased milk yields and improved condition.


Energy ME – 12 MJ/kg
Crude protein   – 19% min
Fat – 2% max
Crude fibre – 3% max
Salt – 1% max

CAUTION: Do not allow dogs, horses or other equids access to feeds containing Bovatec as ingestion by these species may be fatal.
Do not feed with other ionophores e.g.: Monensin. Bovatec is registered pursuant to the CVM Act 1997, No. A9679.
See www.nzfsa.govt/acvm for registration conditions.



Broll, Canola, Cottonseed, DDG, Hominey, Lime, Maize, Molasses, Salt, Vitamins & Minerals, Bovatec. Note, in some occasions where ingredients are not available we use products with the equivalent nutritional specs.

Bovatec is not to be fed to calves used as veal. Milkwel offers an alternative calf feed that does not contain Bovatec for conditioning calves.


Application Rates / Recommendations



For control of coccidiosis and improved live-weight gain, feed 1 kg meal per 60 kg calf to provide 120 mg lasalocid a day. Introduce meal from 3-4 days old increasing amount gradually to weaning which can take place when calves are consuming 1 kg meal/day over 3 consecutive days.