Agrifert - Liquid and Solid Fertilisers, Soil Conditioners and Animal Health Supplements

Agrifert Quality Assurance

Agrifert Quality Assurance

Our Pledge

Agrifert acquires the best quality raw materials and ingredients for the manufacturing of its fertiliser products,

Raw materials

  • Agrifert acquires its raw materials both locally and internationally.
  • Wherever possible chelates are used in the manufacturing process as opposed to sulphates.
  • Chloride based raw materials are not used.
  • The Agrifert product range is environmentally friendly protecting the quality of soil structure, soil life and pasture palatability.


All Agrifert products are manufactured in high quality stainless steel vats. Most products are manufactured to order ensuring stock on hand is continually turning over maximising shelf life to the client. Agrifert products are manufactured in batches with their own batch number and manufacturing date ensuring continuous product quality control monitoring.


Most drums and containers used by Agrifert are recycled, minimising the effect on our environment. Containers are hot steam washed before use, and every endeavour is made to have drums and containers returned from customers after use for recycling.
Product can be dispatched and delivered to almost any area in New Zealand, generally within a week depending on the location. Product is dispatched with an accompanying delivery docket showing batch numbers and date of manufacture for company traceability and the customer's peace of mind.

Agrifert has special contract freight rates with numerous national freight companies to keep delivery costs to a minimum and ensure the customer gets the best possible rate.

Application and Spreading

Agrifert can arrange ground and aerial application, or work in with your local preferred operator.
Agrifert also has its own spreading division (Liquid Applications Spreading Services). The drivers have  many years of spreading and agricultural experience, and will work in with your operation in order to optimise ground and weather conditions to achieve the best results.