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Equine Pasture

Equine Pasture

Palatable Pasture Fertilisation
Pastures grazed by horses tend to become contaminated with weeds such as dock, giant buttercup and assorted thistles. Decreasing pasture palatability of horse pastures results in patchy growth and rank areas over an increasing area.
Equine Pasture Plus and Boost addresses your fertiliser requirements in one single application with the added benefit that soil health is enhanced to help develop plants with a deep root system.

Equine Pasture Plus and Boost ( A combination of products )
Lime - Quick acting, micronised calcium. Balancing PH, improving palatability. (Pasture Plus only, suitable only for some types of spraying applicators, contact the manufacturer first)
NPK - ( Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium ) Fertiliser - kelp based, balanced and animal friendly. Essential minerals for plant growth.
Soil Conditioner - Soil biological activator/stimulator. Stimulates microbes and earthworms for soil health and aeration.

Important Benefits

  • Fast acting and readily plant available
  • Boosts clover growth
  • Encourages worm activity and soil microbes
  • Increases pasture palatability
  • Releases locked up nutrients
  • Improves animal health
  • Simply add any required trace elements
  • Economical and cost effective

Equine Pasture Plus and Boost is compatible with many weed sprays, so one application will ‘Weed n Feed’ your pastures.

Healthy soils + healthy pastures = healthy horses