Agrifert - Liquid and Solid Fertilisers, Soil Conditioners and Animal Health Supplements



Agrifert is a progressive fertiliser company offering sustainable fertiliser solutions and programmes to farmers throughout New Zealand.

Agrifert was originally established in Taranaki but through continued growth is now offering our products and services to farmers in other regions. Our Agrisol NPKS range of products have been helping farmers improve  productivity since 1991.


Our team can offer:

  • A quality range of fluid fertiliser products including:

Our NPK Seaweed Range  (most were orginally MAF registered when registration existed)
NutraBoost Humate Soil Conditioners
Liquid and Slurry Lime Range
Trace Element and Mineral Range
Animal Health Range
Feed ‘n’ Weed programmes designed to eradicate weeds and sustain pasture palatability and growth

  • A range of Biological Products
  • Soil-friendly solid fertilisers
  • A professional team of field service representatives.
  • A friendly, family owned business team.
  • A number of our staff and reps include ex-farmers who understand how farmers think.
  • Our spreading division, which serves the Taranaki region, has many years of experience and can readily offeradvice when required or organise aerial and ground application in other regions.
  • Our company philosophy is for continuous product development to meet the ever-evolving NZ farmingmarket, while offering sustainable fertiliser solutions.
  • A team of consultants at our Head Office in Taranaki and from around the country with many years combined of 'in the field experience.'
  • Soil and herbage testing service.
  • Animal dietary analysis.
  • Soil biology testing service