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Des Simpkin
Squash Grower, Dargaville, Northland

Des says that after using Agrisol NPK 3:6:11:

"The Turners Rep said it was the best squash crop he had ever seen, it was just about over the fence!

Stands out, my stock health is good, the farm stands up well in dry spells and I am getting good production with lower inputs".


Frank Neeson,
Market Gardener, Far North

"It was a cold spring, I turned my broccoli crop around over-night after applying Agrisol".




M & N Dean,
Dairy Farmer, Far North

"I've been on the farm 40 years, we always used to used super. I reckoned I wasn't getting value for money.
14 years ago I switched to liquids. 14 years later on liquiphos, then Agrisol for the last 8 years, with light timing, my PH, phosphate and potash levels have all lifted.
Back in the superphosphate days we had no earthworms, now I've got more earthworms than I ever saw on the farm before.
Last year we hit record production, and the soil tests still look good."




Albert Cramer,
Nurseryman. Kerikeri

Albert runs an export capsicum operation. The peppers were grown in soil with mulching film in plastic houses.
Agrisol was applied 3 times a week in the irrigation water (fertigration).

"After 18 months we pulled the plants out and ripped up black plastic ready for base dressing and re-planting.
After soil analysis it was recommended thet we should base dress only a very small amount of potash.
In other words Agrisol had kept up with the demands of a very heavy feeding export crop."