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Unlocking Soil Potential

Unlocking Soil Potential

Did you know that resin P and Olsen P tests only measure about 2% of the total P in the soil (the readily available phosphates). There are also tests for "Total P" and "Bio-Mass P".

The "mineral P sponge" is where super-phosphate goes (the so called "Phosphate bank"). It supplies only about 20% of your plant's Phosphate requirements. Recent studies show that NZ soils are becoming more and more mineralised and there is massive carbon depletion occurring. We are not learning from the mistakes of others.

The "bio-mass P sponge" is full of organic, "potentially available" Phosphate. It is scientifically proven that in a healthy soil approximately 80% of plant P requirement comes from this area.

Which sponge should we be looking after the most?