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Weed n Feed

Weed n Feed

Improved Pasture Quality.
Why not improve your pasture quality and get rid of weeds in one swoop, using Agrifert's fluid fertiliser and your choice of herbicide.

Agrifert’s “Weed ‘n’ Feed” programme does both jobs for you at one price.

You can get:

  • Full strength seaweed based fertiliser including a full range of trace elements and minerals, plus a micro biological enhancer (Humate).
  • An organic sticking agent to encourage and regulate efficient uptake of nutrients and chemicals.
  • Your choice of herbicides and rates of application.
  • Application can be organised on request
‘an ideal programme to assist in the eradication of thistles’

Using a combination of Agrisol Liquid Fertiliser with the chemical of your choice, this can be applied either by Helicopter or Ground spread. To control Californian Thistle it is crucial to the time of year, taking into account the maturity of the plant. Applying the correct balance of Agrisol Fertiliser and thistle spray, (please note: the chemical rate used “may" need to be altered from that of the manufacturers recommendation), to produce the desired results. Extra Trace elements (e.g. Copper, Selenium, Cobalt, etc.) can be “Cost Effectively” added to the fertiliser for plant and animal health benefits. Weed type and population as well as soil condition may impact on the quantity of both herbicide and fertiliser that need to be applied. In all cases we will quote to your requirements.

The benefits of Agrifert’s “Weed ‘n’ Feed” programme are:

  • Improved pasture quality
  • Greater pasture quantity
  • Better weed kill (our seaweed based product contains natural growth promotants which improve the uptake of your herbicide)

Go for the most efficient way to improve spring pasture at an affordable cost with our all-inclusive programme.

Better pasture, healthy stock, more production, more income...more profit. Improve the nutritional value of your winter/spring pasture now with this all-inclusive programme.