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Agrifert TM

Agrifert TM

Agrifert TM

In the pursuit of production we have ignored the very thing that we rely on to make it all happen - your soil

Poor soil conditions have contributed to many of today’s agricultural problems and unnecessary expenses.

Compacted hard soils with low oxygen, poor water absorption, nutrient lock up and low biological activity promote disease, pests and higher input costs.

  • TM Agricultural is formulated to restore soil health and balance.
  • In nature plants form a symbiotic relationship with the biota of the soil. Fungi and bacteria supply the plant with nutrition and in exchange the plant supplies carbohydrates, root exudates etc to the surrounding fungi and bacteria.
  • TM has been formulated from these plant root exudates that stimulate microbes in the soil which have gone into dormancy.
  • TM Agricultural helps to promote aerated soil with high oxygen levels, excellent water absorption and holding capacity.
  • Healthy soils enable the inputs being used to be more effective with greater efficiency. The goal is to help producers grow healthy, high quality pasture, crops and produce with reduced inputs and less financial risk.
What is TM?

TM is extracted from all natural sources (plant extracts mainly from wheat & barley) and remains in a natural state. The method of extraction is proprietary and completely safe with no chemicals used in its manufacture.


How TM Works

TM-treated paddocks produce plants that are high in mineral content and carbohydrates. This is key for animal health and production as animals do not eat to fill up, they eat for vitamins and minerals. Animals grazing on high mineral plants eat less dry matter, spend less time and energy grazing and gain more weight. This means a more content animal with reductions in runs, snots, scours, lice, birthing problems, milk fever etc.

  • Activates native biology in the soil including fungi, bacteria and protozoa.
  • Activated biology start to aerate and improve the soil structure.
  • Bacteria “glue” small soil particles together to form larger particles (aggregates).
  • Larger aggregates enable the soil to hold oxygen and water and allow easier root penetration.
  • Allowing water to soak through the soil profile - less waterlogging.
  • Plant residues, organic matter and carbon forms breakdown quicker with increased microbial action.
  • Increasing the availability of locked up nutrient.
  • Improving fertiliser efficiency.


Application Rates / Recommendations

TM Facts & Usage Guidelines
  • TM is an organic soil rejuvenator, it is certified with Biogro. It was designed for broad-acre cropping and pastures,
  • but can be used on all soils supporting plant life.
  • TM helps produce healthy, balanced soils that allow for reduced fertiliser inputs and high-quality production.
  • TM is a liquid product; it is tank mixable with liquid fertilisers and most chemicals and does not block
  • sprayer screens or jets.
  • TM is applied to the soil @ 250ml/Ha and can be mixed with herbicides. Typically sprayed from a boom spray or any aerial means.


  • TM should be ideally applied after cutting or grazing to maximize soil contact and applied at 250ml/Ha. A second application is ideal following the next cutting or grazing at 250ml/Ha.
  • TM is compatible with most herbicides and insecticides and has no withholding period for animals.


  • For best results apply TM at 250ml/Ha 2-8 weeks prior to planting or sowing with adequate soil moisture.
  • A second application is recommended at 250ml/Ha in crop with post emergent herbicides.
  • For high-input crops, heavier rates of TM will be required, speak to your local sales consultant for the correct rates.

Up to two applications of TM annually is recommended.