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Past time farmers reminisce about the superphosphate that was made from Guano Phosphate rock ex Nauru Island. In their opinion, it was totally superior to the present day Superphos. It stands to reason, that Guano Phosphate (naturally accumulated bird droppings) will contain a wide range of additional beneficial nutrients not found in present day rock phosphate based products.

History shows that superphosphate began production in the 1830s. The earliest record of Guano being used as a fertiliser was in North Africa in 200BC where the Carthaginians used it.

AgriPhos sustainable fertiliser:

  • A natural source of immediate and sustained release phosphate providing adequate supply for the entire season.
  • Predominantly in the form of Dicalcic Phosphate that performs differently from other phosphate rock products.
  • Has a ph of 8+ and therefore will not harm your essential soil biology or worms, necessary for nutrient recycling in the soil.
  • High percentage of organic matter.
  • Non water soluble therefore reduces leaching and run off.
  • Reduced ‘Phospate’ lock up while improving the release of present locked up ‘P’.
  • Contains low levels of toxic heavy metals, TE and cadmium.
  • Contains many key nutrients and TE, essential for plant health.
  • Improved plant root due to sustained release promoting growth and abundant flowering.
  • Supplied in granule or powder form making it suitable for all applications, and can be blended with lime and most other fertiliser products.


Application Rates / Recommendations

Effective application rates depending on requirements - range from 50-300kg/ha reducing freight and spreading costs.