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EziSpray Spray Trailer

EziSpray Spray Trailer

EziSpray Spray Trailer

New, simple to use and time efficient fertiliser sprayer.

AgriFert’s easy to use fully galvanised trailer, complete with oscillating axles and floatation tyres for smooth travel has a low centre of gravity making it safe to operate.  The continuous agitation and no-fuss 9-10m spray pattern is ideal for mixing and keeping products in suspension and spraying at low application rates.

3 models to choose from:
Single Axle ST650L or
Tandem Axle ST1150L and ST1600L

Watch this space for the next model that is under design at this present point in time. This model will be larger again and will be what the bigger farmers are looking for.

  • 3 size options: 650L, 1150L & 1600L.
  • Easy to clean sump tanks.
  • Fully galvanised tandem trailer complete with oscillating axles and flotation tyres for smooth travelling. Also available with low profile road tyres.
  • Very low centre of gravity - making it safe to operate.
  • Ezi-spray cast iron pump with stainless steel impeller and wear plate.
  • Single nozzle 9 - 10m spray pattern - easy no-fuss application.
  • Continuous agitation for mixing and keeping products in suspension. Dissolves urea very efficiently.
  • 14 km per hour sprays 100L per hectare. 9 km per hour sprays 300L per hectare.
  • Cover your desired spray area quickly and efficiently.



Application Rates / Recommendations

“Put side by side with competitors, the Agrifert Ezispray trailer is really good value for money.  Our nitrogen usage has minimised whereas our pasture growth rates have increased.  The trailer also has the flexibility to apply any other liquid fert including lime flour and is surprisingly easy and simple to use.  If in the market for a trailer sprayer, don’t look past Agrifert.”

Kieran Clough, Eltham dairy farmer



“The Ezispray trailer is easy to use, good for applying lime flour. Worked well to get me through the drought with the ‘little and often’ principle. It’s great to have it there whenever you want to use it.”

David Smith – Dairy Farmer – Otakeho



“The Ezispray spreader is proving to have a host of qualities, we purchased the spreader around 4 months ago and have found it to be very user friendly. The mixing of the products is very straight forward, having no boom and operating from the vehicle is a big bonus. The convenience of spreading following the rotations works very well with our farming practices.”

Brian Reid – Dairy Farmer – Normanby


“With the Ezispray trailer I have found the time factor and efficiency is great compared to other sprayers I have had, the larger tank makes it great to spread larger areas without filling up constantly. Having the towball coupling rather than a 3 point linkage is extremely handy as I can tow it behind my ute or tractor. I have also discovered that it has other uses such as pumping out troughs.”

Trevor Schroder - Dairy Farmer - Mangamaire